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How to Buy A Telescope : Deciding What Size Telescope To Buy ...
Finding the right size of telescope for your needs. Find out the right telescope for you in this free home astronomy equipment video from a telescope designer and manufacturer ... View Video

Telescope To Buy

Christmas Shopping Guide
Christmas Shopping Guide This is the time of year when everyone asks me “what kind of telescope should I buy for my spouse/child/grandchild?” ... Get Doc

Achromatic telescope - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The achromatic telescope is a refracting telescope that uses an achromatic lens to correct for chromatic aberration. When an image passes through a lens, the light is refracted at different angles for different wavelengths. This produces focal lengths that are dependent on the color of the light ... Read Article

How to Buy A Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Mounts ...
More expensive telescope mounts have smoother adjustment controls. Compare mounts for telescopes with buying tips in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope ... View Video

Telescope To Buy

Astronomy Without A Telescope - As Hobbies Go, Astronomy Has ...
Imagine that the way to start is to buy a telescope. Wrong! The easiest and best way into astronomy is actually with no telescope at all. There ... Get Document

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The Perfect Telescope
If you drill holes in the wrong location for any reason, simply buy some pretty dummy bolts for the unused holes. You can call these additional features on your telescope "Conductive Cooling Bolts" (To help the telescope reach the proper temperature.) ... Read Full Source

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Shrinking NASA Budget Forces Tough Trade-offs
U.S. President Barack Obama's proposal to roll back NASA spending to its lowest level since 2008 puts the squeeze on planetary science and other agency activities in order to accommodate a massively overbudget space telescope and a congressionally mandated heavy-lift rocket while doubling funding for a controversial commercial crew initiative. ... Read News

Telescope To Buy

Instruction Manual LXD55-Series Telescopes
NEVER point the telescope directly at or near the Sun at any time! Observing the Sun, even for the smallest fraction of a second, will result in instant and irreversible eye damage, as well as physical damage to the telescope itself. ... Fetch Content

100 Mm NEWTONIAN TELESCOPE ( The Galileoscope )
1. Introduction Galileo scope The year 2009 marks the four hundredth anniversary of the first astronomical Observation through a telescope by the great Italian scientist Galileo Galilei. ... Retrieve Full Source

The trade-off is aperture—for the same money, you can buy a much larger telescope in the low-tech league. ■ A BEST BUY H ERE ' SOUR CHOICE FOR THE BEST BUYS ON today's telescope market. ... Read More

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Startup Banjo Looks To Help You Connect With Folks In Real World
Banjo announces major updates to its mobile social-discovery app, which rounds up location data for various social-media services so users can connect with nearby friends. Originally posted at Bootstrap ... Read News

Hans Lippershey Biography - Biography Of The Man Credited ...
In fact, there is an apocryphal tale that says Lippershey's children actually invented the first telescope while playing with flawed lenses in his Top Telescopes Under $300.00; Top Telescopes Betweem $300 & $500; How to Buy a Telescope ... Read Article

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Basic Jupiter & Solar Radio Telescope 
Basic Jupiter & Solar Radio Telescope © Philip Thompson 2010 Page 1 Basic Jupiter/Solar Radio Telescope The idea is that using a fairly simple receiver design and a half wave dipole for an aerial, radio noise can be monitored from Jupiter and from the Sun. ... Get Document

Bahtinov Mask - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The operator will place the mask over the front aperture of the telescope in the same orientation each time. He/she will then become familiar with the direction clue provided by the central spike. ... Read Article

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How Do I Choose A telescope
• GOTO: With spare money available, a GOTO telescope will buy you better quality. There are various different GOTO mounts available at increasing prices. ... Retrieve Doc

Plans For A Dobsonian telescope
The curved spider vanes give a spike-less image Eyepiece and finder scope To observe with your telescope, you need at least one eyepiece. If you are in doubt which one to buy, you can't go wrong with a 26 mm Plossl. ... View Full Source

Controlling The NexStar 4/60/80/114 Series Telescopes Fully ...
Cable between telescope and PC: The RS232 cable for connecting the telescope to the PC is the same for the NexStars 4/5/8/60/80/114. You can buy it at Celestron and their dealers. ... Fetch This Document

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Telescope Instruction Manual
WHERE DO I START? Your Bushnell telescope can bring the wonders of the universe to your eyes. While this manual is intended to assist you in the set-up and basic use of this instrument, it does not cover everything you might like to know about astronomy. ... Fetch Full Source

Designing & Building A Domed Astronomical Observatory
Domed Astronomical Observatory Introduction In our roles as advice officers for telescopes, observatories, telescope accessories and telescope making in the Society for Popular Astronomy we are sometimes asked about domed observatories. Where do I get plans on how to build one? Where can I buy one, or ... Read Document

Pole Tree Pruners | Ropeless Fiberglass Pole Tree Pruners
These pole tree pruners don't "telescope": they are a fixed length, at 7 feet long. Buy Direct ... Read Article

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Buying A telescope - An Absolute Beginners Guide
DDI: 06 3686251 ∞ Fax: 06 3686250 ∞ Cell: 027 6444 884 ∞ PO Box 671 Levin ∞ info@cosmo dome. co. nz ∞ www. cosmo dome. co. nz Buying a telescope - An absolute beginners guide For those wanting to buy a telescope but are unsure where to start. ... Read Full Source

Which Telescope? Refractors - SUSSEX ASTRONOMY CENTRE
buy the telescope that you are likely to use the most. In other words don't buy something so heavy or complicated that setting it up in the first place is ... Get Document

Telescope To Buy

Top Ten Creative Christmas Gifts For Dads
Ever wondered what to buy for dear old dad for Christmas? Then look no further than About Fatherhood’s gift guide. A very user friendly telescope for checking out objects far away. A great gift for the dad with a natural curiosity. ... Read Article

Spitzer Space Telescope - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The Spitzer Space Telescope (SST), formerly the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) is an infrared space observatory launched in 2003. It is the fourth and final of the NASA Great Observatories program. The planned mission period was to be 2.5 years with a pre-launch expectation that the ... Read Article

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Choosing A Telescope As A Gift
Choosing a Telescope as a Gift We at the Wabash Valley Astronomical Society (WVAS) believe that if you are going to buy a telescope as a gift, you should make a good choice that can be used for a lifetime. ... Read Here

Meade 10 Inch LX200 ACF f 10 Advanced Coma Free Telescope
Meade 10 Inch LX200 ACF f 10 Advanced Coma Free Telescope
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Orion 15174 47x135x185 Inches Padded Telescope Case Blue
Orion 15174 47x135x185 Inches Padded Telescope Case Blue
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Meade LightBridge 10 254mm Reflector Telescope 1005 05 03
Meade LightBridge 10 254mm Reflector Telescope 1005 05 03
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Celestron NexImage 5 MP 5 Solar System Imager with Micron Digital Clarity Techn
Celestron NexImage 5 MP 5 Solar System Imager with Micron Digital Clarity Techn
Sale Time Remaining: 57m
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