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Prominent feature: north pole that is tilted 98 degrees • Average distance from sun: 1.8 billion miles Neptune • Fourth-largest planet • Revolves around sun once every 165 years • Most prominent feature was the Great Dark Spot (atmospheric storm); however, in 1994, the Hubble telescope ... Get Document

Nikolai Nadezhdin - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Starting with his work in the late 1820s in the Herald of Europe and moving on to his editorship of both Telescope and its companion publication, Rumor, Nadezhdin made his critical name not as Nadezhdin but as the "Ex-Student Nikodim Nadoumko," resident of Patriarch's Ponds ... Read Article

External Control of the LX200GPS via the RS-232 Connection Meade computer-controlled telescopes (such as the LX200, LX90 and ETX models) can be commanded remotely by serial commands delivered to the telescope through the RS-232 port. ... View Document

Pillows; scarves, socks & work gloves; Woolrich jacket, shirts, coveralls & other men's clothing; First Aid Kits; 3'x5' wood table; TV antenna; sm 17"x17" safe; GE sm chest freezer; new MW port sewing mach; Morfam back massager; Tasco telescope, plus various optical equipment; Mead telescope; ... Retrieve Doc

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Telescope control was maintained with two gyros by using the telescope's Sun sensor to determine the spacecraft's attitude, and stabilisation in three 1984, pp. 16–20 ^ IUE newsletter 33, September 1987, "Direct Access to the IUE Spectral Archive", E. Sullivan, R. C. Bohlin, S. Heap, & J. Mead, pp ... Read Article

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Meade Instruments USNASDAQ Edition
Meade Instruments ( MEAD ) | Page 2 Activities Meade Instruments Corp. (Meade) is a multinational consumer optics company that designs, manufactures, imports and distributes telescopes, telescope accessories, ... Get Document

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A Great Telescope Just Got Better
ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY "With a strong background in astrophotography, I was particularly interested to see if the LX90 would live up to its claims. The short answer? ... Fetch Full Source

Modified Webcam To Fit telescope (Meade DS-2130LNT ...
Modified my Creative Webcam to fit my Meade DS-2130LNT Telescope. Recorded a short video clip of the Moon passing through the telescopes field of view in real time. Enjoy ... View Video

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Harvard All-sky Optical SETI ― Future Surveys
Harvard All-sky Optical SETI ― Future Surveys Curtis Mead Paul Horowitz Andrew W. Howard Jason R. Gallicchio Steve R. Howard Pratheev Sreetharan Charles has been surveyed for pulsed optical beacons by the Harvard/Planetary Society All-sky Optical SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Telescope. ... Fetch Document

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Instruction Manual
3 CONTENTS WARNING! Never use a Meade ® Telescope to look at the Sun! Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye.Eye damage is often painless, so ... Fetch Content

• Day- Long Cruise On Puget Sound Wit
Townsend • Mead Telescope—with lenses & tripod • Redington Fly Rod & Reel • Guided kayak trip to Dungeness Lighthouse • Dungeons & Dragons Booster packs & collector’s set — plus Tome of Horrors, Swords & Wizardry Rulebook, signed by Bill Webb • 7’ Wormwood Picnic Table, a ... Retrieve Here

The Moon Meade 10 Inch LightBridge Dobsonian Telescope ...
This video was taken Saturday April 17, 2010 in Temecula, CA through a Meade 10 inch LightBridge using a Baader Hyperion 5 mm eyepiece. My second time using the scope. I'm new ... View Video

MEADE 4501 Telescope With Webcam Video Of Moon - YouTube
First video of moon with a MEADE 4501 reflector telescope and a modified webcam. ... View Video

AccEssoRlEs 40
KEY TO COVER PHOTO See Catalog page:.s e 1978 Meade Instruments Co.p. 'M Series I, Research-Gfade, Fiberlite, VariGuide and variPak are trademarks of Mead Yet the telescope moves through the skies with consum-mate grace, in complete command of the observer. ... Access Content

Science Team Project
Future Work • Extend the work to develop a VI that will interface with an SBIG 7 CCD camera mounted on the same 12-inch Mead telescope • The optical data obtained with this system along with optical data from the Tenagra Observatories in Nogales, Arizona, will be compared with radio data ... Return Doc

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Telescope Viewing At Mead Observatory
The moon, Jupiter and Mars will be the stars of the show later this month at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Behlen Observatory near Mead. ... Read News

What's Up In July
Observatory: Jim Hatch would like to change the mount on the Mead telescope to an altitude-azimuth one. The set up would be easier. We will have the capacity to put the image from the telescope on a computer screen. ... Read More

8", 10", 12", 14", 16" LX200®R Advanced Ritchey-Chrétien ...
WARNING! Never use a Meade ® LX200R ™ Telescope to look at the Sun! Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye. ... Get Doc

Women's History Sitemap - Page 16 - Spiderbites Of
Quotes by Margaret Mead on women, men, families, fathers, children, youth, and old age - part of an extensive collection of quotations by notable Maria Mitchell picture gallery includes images of Maria Mitchell, her laboratory, and her telescope. ... Read Article

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34) Polar Aligned LX200 Objective Initialize telescope with keypad to use the Object Library functions. Reference List of alignment stars with their Mead or SAO numbers. ... Fetch Full Source

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