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Secondary Mirror Collimating Screws
Provided here is a simple, graphical explanation of how to use a laser collimator to collimate your Newtonian telescope, The images show a simplified, cut-away view of a typical reflecting telescope. Before we begin it will be a good idea to review the components that will be mentioned in this ... Get Content Here

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Around Your Town 04/02/12
Kellan Roush, 3, his sister Elly, 5, and their parents Patrick and Molly celebrate Palm Sunday during Our Lady of the Mountains mass on Sunday. (Melissa Marshall • Herald/Review) The Greater Huachuca Area Democratic Club ( GHADC ) will hold its monthly meeting  at 6 p.m. April 3 at the Cochise County Democratic Office, 1010 E. Fry Blvd. The guest speaker for April will be Rachel Gray, a ... Read News

Homework Solutions
A telescope mirror is more easily supported and kept rigid than a lens. The shape of a telescope mirror is easier to manufacture than that of a Is this a good criterion for evaluating such telescopes? Explain. Magnifying ability is not a good criterion for evaluating telescopes because ... Access Doc

Happy Birthday, Galileo's Telescope - Physics
On August 25, 1609, Galileo Galilei took a Dutch invention - the telescope - and improved upon it, creating a device that used the power of optics (a interpretations of the Catholic Church, which lead to him being placed under house arrest for heresy which just goes to show that no good ... Read Article

4.25" Dobsonian Telescope By Larry Robinson
I took this telescope to the July meeting of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City where I am a member. A good friend and fellow member, David Young, suggested that I organize a telescope building workshop for ... Fetch Doc

Observational Astronomy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Thus the next best locations are certain mountain peaks that have a high number of cloudless days and generally possess good atmospheric conditions Almost all modern telescope instruments are electronic arrays, and older telescopes have been either been retrofitted with these instruments or closed ... Read Article

Beginners Telescope Guide
Because it is more expensive to produce a good quality lens, compared with an equivalent sized mirror, refractors tend to be more expensive per inch of aperture than the second telescope design, the NEWTONIAN RE-FLECTOR. ... Fetch Content

Scientists Team Up With B.C. Firm To Build Biggest-ever ...
Scientists team up with B.C. firm to build biggest-ever optical telescope Last Updated: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 | 9:09 AM ET Comments 58 Recommend 48 CBC News The Thirty Meter Telescope will be manufactured piece by piece in the Vancouver areaand then assembled on Cerro Armazones in Chile or ... Access Doc

Recommendations For A First Telescope By Scott Young The ...
From your optics, and you usually wind up with a telescope that isn’t very good optically or electronically. If you want this option, it will cost a significant amount of money if you want it to actually work. As an example, Orion’s computer-aided telescope line costs ... Access Document

High-power Eyepieces
And puts eight through their paces high-power eyepieces WIth the right eyepiece it's possible to feel like you're walking in space sky-Watcher 8 MM sWa Good fIeld of VIeW eye relIef ValUe for Money oVerall We compared the eyepieces at around 200x magnification using an Orion Optics 250mm f/6.3 Newtonian telescope. ... Access Content

It *s Not That One Can *t Do The Job Of The Other, An ...
Used with a 5mm eyepiece, magnification would be 1000/5 = 200x ) Spotting scopes tend to be supplied with modest magnifications and if they have interchangeable eyepieces the range available is more limited than for an astronomical telescope. This is done for a good reason, for most observation purpose ... Fetch Content

Choosing Your first telescope
Going up to 150mm (6”) greatly expands the amount of objects that can be seen, so that bright nebulae, galaxies and globular clusters become good targets as well. For going after faint galaxies and nebulae, an 8” telescope and a dark sky are a must. 10” and over are considered big telescopes ... Return Document

Jupiter Through A telescope - YouTube
This video shows Jupiter as seen through a telescope on a day with no turbulence, that is, a good seeing. The video was recorded using a 150mm (6 inches) newtonian reflector ... View Video

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Amazing Nebula Photo Looks Like A Giant Human Head
A spectacular photo from a NASA telescope has revealed a wispy blue nebula with an odd twist: It looks like a giant human head in deep space. ... Read News

How To Buy A Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Mounts - YouTube
What is the difference betwen the short tube or long tube telescopes. im a beginner and want to buy a telescope to see the moon and other planets like venus, mars, jupiter and saturn. Will a short tube like the one from the ''Orion ShortTube 80-A Refractor Telescope'' be good for me? ... View Video

Telescopes And Deep Sky Objects
Since the mirror reflects the image back towards the source, a small secondary mirror set at an angle reflects the light perpendicular to the tube so that the eyepiece is attached to the side of the telescope, rather than the end. Reflectors provide good views of all types of sky objects such as ... Return Doc

Good Telescope

Cats In Space: Internet Video Pokes Feline Fun At Cosmic Photos
Brant Widgen is so good at his job that you are not aware of the widespread problem that is cats "photo-bombing" stunning images of space. ... Read News

Looking For A Good Telescope?
From the . office at the edge . of the Universe- at . The . HOOVER PRICE PLANETARIUM. D. Richards, Director . 330-455-7043 . Looking for a Good Tele. scope? ... View Document

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