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However, despite the (moderate) tedium of the equatorial mounting and alignment process, and increased vibration dampening time, the reward of no field rotation and the tantalizing possibility of deep-sky long exposure astrophotography, is IMHO just too good to pass up by using simple Alt-az mounting. ... Read Content

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Most small telescopes are dedicated to visual observing, although many are applied to such uses as gathering scientific data, or astrophotography. The range of amateur astronomer's telescopes is wide, with numerous types and designs, such as achromatic and apochromatic refractors, Newtonian reflectors ... Read Article

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Very stable platforms for various telescopes and are capable of long guided astrophotography and CCD imaging. Objects will stay centered in an eyepiece for ... Read Here

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Dark SkyDiscovery Site launch Wimbleball Lake Friday 25November Activities inclu de: Planetarium Astrophotography Telescopes From Earthtothe Univ erse Exhibition Presentations Please ensure that you wear warm clothing and bringatorch. ... Doc Viewer

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Astrophotography and Digital Imaging: Matching Camera to Telescope by Chris Patel Typically, the atmosphere is what limits telescopes. Even on clear and steady nights, the atmosphere moves around ... Retrieve Full Source

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Everyone has to start somewhere. If you have spent some time observing the sky with your naked eyes and a pair of binoculars, you may be ready to move on up to telescopes. Still, even though you want to have the best, it may not be a great idea to spend a lot of money until you're sure you will ... Read Article

Astrophotography Telescopes

Signal to Noise! Darks, Bias frames! You are tying to get as much signal and the least amount of noise by talking as many light frames as possible. ... Fetch Doc

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Very crisp image or is an apochromatic type) Are usually portable Ideal for astrophotography Cons: Good apochromatic refractors cost abberations) like Coma Long focal lengths are easier to y reduce cost Cons: Longer focal lengths cause telescopes to be bulky ... Get Doc

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Everyone has to start somewhere. Star your kids off right with quality telescopes at good prices. Check here for some great reflectors and refractors. Less expensive telescopes. ... Read Article

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This is especially useful when the camera body is attached to telescopes or microscopes. The thickness of the external ring is equal to the difference of flange distance between T-mount and corresponding lens mount in order to achieve infinity focus. ... Read Article

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Let me apologize in advance - there is a lot to chew through ☺ 1.1 Types of Astrophotography To set this in context, there are different ways to However, the best quality (technically speaking) can be achieved by using a motorized equatorial mount (usually used for telescopes) that allows the ... View Doc

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Jupiter, planet, Astronomy, Astrophotography, Telescope, cheap, webcam, Solar System, Space, Science, Universe. This is not stupid at all, just it is due to not being an expert on telescopes. ... View Video

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If you are using the radio handpad, and you don't plan to engage in the art of guided astrophotography, you can use the guide rate as a slower pan rate. A pair of encoders mounted to your telescopes' altitude and azimuth axis's. ... Doc Retrieval

Astrophotography Telescopes

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Except for the lens diameter, the Meade ETX-60AT and the ETX-70AT are identical; all procedures and descriptions in this manual apply to both telescopes. This feature is useful for functions such as astrophotography and tracking satellites. ... Access Full Source

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The Secret To Mastering Astrophotography: Experiment
Astronomer Mark Thompson shares his tips for the perfect photo of the night sky, but ultimately it's a game of trial and error. ... Read News

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Astrophotography Getting Started In The Early 21st Century
Astrophotography Getting Started In The Early 21st Century On Saturday, February 12th, 2011 at 2 p.m ., AAI will hold a mini-seminar on "Astrophotography CD-Rs of software and handouts of materials will be available, and the capabilities of the telescopes at Sperry (and their accessories) will be ... View Doc

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Deep-sky piggyback images often have rather low "magnification"computed this way, anywhere from 10 down to 2 or less. 5.4 Vignetting and edge-of-field quality As Astrophotography for the Amateur explains at length, few telescopes producea sharp, fully illuminated image over an entire 35-mm film frame or ... Document Retrieval

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A special note: The Astrophotography Setup area will be cordoned off to protect your gear from unwanted exploration. To summarize, the Categories are as follows 1) Hand Built Telescopes 2) Hand Built or Modified Astronomical Accessories 3) Modified Commercial Telescopes 4) Astrophotography Setups ... Content Retrieval

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