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BACHES - A Compact Light-Weight Echelle Spectrograph For ...
FIASCO (FIbre Amateur Spectrograph Casually Organised) was our first prototype. Using a 200 µm fibre linked to a 25-cm telescope, a Peltier-cooled CCD camera and a 600 l/mm grating, we obtained spectra with a resolving power of 600. ... Return Document

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Star Party Set For Acton, Boxborough Fourth-graders
Acton and Boxborough Public Schools, Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB), and Acton-Boxborough PIP will host a star party for Acton and Boxborough fourth-graders and their parents and caregivers. ... Read News

Cleaning Procedures For Telescope Mirrors
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers: Cleaning Procedures for Telescope Mirrors A SPECIAL PUBLICATION OF AAAA, P.O. Box 7981, Dallas, TX 75209-0981 & The following procedures for cleaning your coated optics have been used in many coating labs for surface ... Fetch Here

Pictures Of Stars - Cepheid Variable Star In Galaxy M100
This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of a region of the galaxy M100 shows a class of pulsating star called a Cepheid Variable. The galaxy can be seen by amateur astronomers as a faint, pinwheel-shaped object in the spring constellation Coma Berenices. ... Read Article

Event Horizon
This fact, as well as the increased field of view of binoculars, is reinforced by the fact that many books aimed at the novice Amateur Astronomer recommend purchasing binoculars prior to purchasinga telescope. ... Access Doc

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Backyard Universe: A Visit From Mars
Pick a planet that both astronomers and the general public would favor as a possible harbor for life beyond Earth, and folks in both camps will probably name Mars. ... Read News

The Amateur Astronomer
Optics cleaning with Collodion Use of low and high viscosity AMATEUR TELESCOPE MAKERS SIG OF THE Alachua Astronomy Club Joel Centeno, Fred Heinrich, Brittany Loftus, Don Loftus, Mike Toomey and Remi Trujillo ... Fetch Here

Rick Evans' Amateur Lunar Photoclinometry, Spectroscopy, And ...
Rick Evans' Amateur Lunar Photoclinometry, Spectroscopy, and Astrophotography -- Studies of the Moon and some General Astroimaging Rick Evans Considerations for Lunar Hyperspectral Imaging: The Brimrose imaging spectrometer can be attached to a spotting scope or an astronomical telescope ... Read Content

Uploaded by irimiateodorian on Feb 18, 2011 Refractor telescope Category: Science & Technology Tags: telescope astronomy astronomer amateur telescop astronomie saturn universe ... View Video

Very Large Telescope - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
She received the prize, an amateur telescope, during the inauguration of the Paranal site. Unit Telescopes 1-4 are now known as Antu , Kueyen , Melipal (Southern Cross), and Yepun (Venus as evening star) respectively. Originally translated as "Sirius", it now seems that "Yepun" actually means "Venus". ... Read Article

Amateur Astronomy Resources For The Beginning & Intermediate ...
Amateur Astronomy Resources for the Beginning & Intermediate Stargazer, Binocular and Telescopic Observer This is a short list of books, star charts Stargazing: Astronomy Without a Telescope by Patrick Moore (Cambridge University Press) Seeing the Sky: 100 Projects, Activities, and Explorations in ... Read Here

OBSERVING BRIGHT NEBULAE Amateur astronomers often divide the visible universe into two components: the shallow sky, including the Moon and Sun, the M1 for the first time you will understand this to be a relative term) are wonderful and sometimes frustrating objects to view through a modest telescope. ... Fetch Full Source

Amateur Astronomy
JTW Astronomy Messier Live Deep Sky CCD Camera (Modified and deep cooled custom made Mintron) TelescopeAtNight 214 views This is an amazing piece of kit, with a large 1/2" sensor and 256 field off chip integration (soon to be infinite with o ... View Video

Direct Drive Motors For The Amateur Budget (a Work In Progress)
Why would you want a direct drive motor for your telescope? ... Fetch Document

The Most Important Days In The History Of Astronomy
Subject: Ten commandments for amateur astronomers "1. Thou shalt have no white light before thee, behind thee, or to the side of thee whilst sharing the night sky with thy fellow stargazers. "2. Thou shalt not love thy telescope more than thy spouse or thy children; as much as, maybe, but ... Read Article

March 2004 Newsletter 5
Calendar September 4, 2003 Telescope Optics Ed Collett October 2, 2003 Tuning in to the Sun Dr. Dale Gary, NJIT November 6, 2003 Amateur Spectroscopy ... View Doc

Dark Sky Astronomy Sites For Visitors To New Mexico - New ...
These astronomy events, including telescope viewings, are offered from April to October. and the Clyde W. Tombaugh IMAX Dome Theater in Alamogordo, New Mexico, with camping at White Sand National Monument and viewing restricted to amateur ... Read Article

Society Of Amateur Radio Astronomers, Inc.
In general, the amateur radio telescope consists of a good antenna system, a sensitive, stable, low noise receiver, and various output devices. ... Document Retrieval

Meade LX200 - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The Meade LX200 is a family of commercial telescopes produced by Meade Instruments launched in 1992 with 8″ (20 cm) and 10″ (25 cm) schmidt-cassegrain models on computerized mounts. 12"(30 cm) and 16" (40 cm) models quickly followed. It became the best-selling serious amateur telescope. The ... Read Article

7" LX200 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope 8", 10", And 12" LX200 ...
- 5-INTRODUCTION As a new LX200 owner, you are preparing for a journey into the universe with the most advanced amateur telescope ever produced. The advent of this instrument is the culmination of twenty years of innovation and design at Meade Instruments; never before have the features you have in your ... View Full Source

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