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Celestron Model CG-14 14 Inch Aperture Schmidt-Cassegrain Reflecting Telescope This telescope will deliver nearly twice the light-gathering capability that the current RMC satellite tracking telescope of 10 inch aperture can. ... Return Doc

It was described as an "Advanced Ritchie-Cretien" telescope on a dual-arm forkmount similar to that used on current LX200GPS models. A check of the prices offered made those answers clear; this series was aimed at a lower price point; a complete 10" RCX system cost considerably ... Return Doc

10 05 20 RTMC Photos 1 Meter telescope
Toasts to PlaneWave Instruments CDK 700 telescope, the portable 42-inch . CDK wooden telescope (13 years in the making), and the 1 meter photometric 9:15-10:30 Large Alt-Az Telescope Developments. A Brief History of Alt-Az Telescopes (Richard Berry) ... Retrieve Here

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Top 10 Winter Sky Targets For Skywatchers
Winter is nearly over, but there's still time to catch these skywatching favorites with a telescope. ... Read News

Custer Observatory Training Manual For Celestron CGE-1400
- 1 - I. Overview This manual will help you to understand how to operate the Celestron CGE 1400 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (SCT), which is housed in the back shed. 1 Schmidt Corrector Lens 8 Control Panel (see below) 2 Optical Tube 9 Hand Control Holder / Strap 3 Finderscope 10 Hand Control 4 ... Access Full Source

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It's In The Stars
A new observatory is opening up the wonders of the heavens to students at North Medford High School and has inspired several to apply to universities where they can pursue astronomy. ... Read News

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List Of Largest Optical Reflecting telescopes - Wikipedia ...
Hale Telescope (200 inch) 5.08 m: 200″ Single: USA: Palomar Observatory, California, USA Magdalena Ridge Observatory Telescope Array 10 x 1.4 m; Thai National Telescope Project 2.4 m; Advanced Technology Solar Telescope 4 m (see also list of solar ... Read Article

Parlez-Vous "Telescope"?
In other words, a 16- to 18-inch telescope will offer little additional detail compared with an 8- to 10-inch telescope when used under most observing conditions—although the larger telescope will enhance an object's color. ... Get Document

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Astrophotography - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Towards the middle of the century, giant telescopes such as the 200-inch (5 meter) Hale Telescope and the 48-inch Samuel Oschin telescope at Palomar large mosaics of CCD elements equivalent to 100 million pixels, designed to cover the focal plane of telescopes that formerly used 10-to-14-inch ... Read Article

97. Mahogany Plane Table Surveyor's Compass By George
Brass Transit by T. F. Randolphe, Brass Transit by T. F. Randolphe, Cincinnati, Ohio, with 4 3/4-inch anodized dial, fleur-de-lis at North, needle ring divided 0-90-0° twice, plate with two verniers and vial, and 10-inch lg. telescope, ht. 11 in., (lacking tangent screw and other parts, mellow polished ... Get Content Here

City College Of San Francisco Astronomy 20: Introduction To
How do we know the focal length of the telescope? The focal length could be calculated by multiplying the focal ratio (f/#) to the aperture diameter of the telescope. For example, a 12-inch telescope with f/10, then the focal length F = (12 inches) x 10 = 120 inches. ... Get Content Here

Most Common Tools Of The Observer
Concept of Aperture and Light Gathering  How much more light does a 10-inch aperture telescope gather that a 5-inch aperture telescope?  If you guessed 2 times, you are overlooking the fact that a telescope tube is a circle and the formula for the area of a circle is involved  **=**** 2  5 ... Content Retrieval

For example, by equation #4, a 10 inch telescope (telescope with 10 inch diameter objective) will gather 25 times more light than a 2-inch telescope. ... Fetch Doc

New Research Opportunities At The Mount Wilson 100-inch Telescope
The system provides full correction to magnitude V = 10. The field of view of the adaptive optics system is 22 arcsec with a resolution at the focal point of 0.0216 arcsec per pixel. Principal funding sources for the 100-inch telescope upgrades and the Cassegrain adaptive optics system are NSF, Ahmanson ... View Document

Jupiter Through My 10inch Telescope - From Kfo48 Observatory ...
1:00 Add to Jupiter and Galilean Moons with Meade 10 inch Lightbridge Telescope by guerrj02 3,633 views; 0:56 Add to Jupiter through Celestron C 9.25 telescope by astrogotland 2,098 views ... View Video

Telescopes - A Guide To Selection
This 10"f4 rich field telescope is made from commercial components. It is in a 40 inch long tube and only weighs 30 Ibs. complete. It is shown on a permanent pier but can be mounted on a commercial telescope mount made for 8" telescopes with 1½” diameter shafts. ... Access Doc

August 2011 - Huntsville Events Calendar - Huntsville Alabama ...
The recently upgraded 21-inch telescope will be projecting video images onto the dome of the planetarium, if weather permits. Admission charged. 10 AM-4 PM at Jaycees Community Building, 2180 Airport Rd Huntsville. ... Read Article

Tools & Equipment For Astronomy & Space Exploration - Tools ...
You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. Will Man Ever Explore Other Worlds? 10 Fun Astronomy Facts; Did Man Really Land On The Moon? ... Read Article

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